Organic Food For Your Pets

For us humans, nutrition is considered the foundation of good health and it is true that the same goes for our animal and pets. Typically, the meals you eat for yourself are also suitable for your pets – An animals diet consists of a variety of whole foods enhanced with vitamins and minerals, enzymes and supplements, when necessary, to promote optimal health & prevent disease.

Animals are natural hunters and carnivores. Dogs are basically descendants of the wolf. They have very short intestinal tracts geared to the consumption and digestion of raw foods. Cats, on the other hand are carnivores – having a meat only diet – and are specially designed to hunt small animals like rodents and birds. A cats digestive tract is designed to process raw meat best.

If you enjoy a natural organic diet, there is no reason why your cat or dog can’t enjoy the same organic meals with you. Organic foods offer the best of canned or tinned options as they do not contain pesticide residues and other toxins that your pet then has to eliminate through its liver and kidneys. This is particularly important for animals with a problem with their immune system.

Commercially prepared “organic biscuits” & “organic kibble” is the best choice for your pet. Regular biscuits & kibble have become the standard diet for most pets in our culture. It is reasonably cheap and convenient.

Animal owners and Veterinarians, however, are becoming more aware of the nutritional needs of animals & pets and are taking a new approach to nutrition by choosing the highest quality ingredients and carefully controlled preparation over cost and convenience.

For most dogs and cats, a home-prepared raw food diet is best. A diet consisting of Raw organically farmed meat, crushed organic grains and vegetables are recommended. Cut the meat into a size suitable for the size of the animal being fed. Smaller size pieces for smaller dogs and cats and larger pieces for larger dogs.